Prop 8, De-Verification And Paula Abdul In Today's Twitter-Wood

A federal judge's decision to overturn California's Prop 8 ban on gay marriage yesterday caught the attention of Twitter-Wood and the rest of the Internet. Kristen Bell and Eliza Dusku both approved of the development, while Dax Shepard was concerned that his anti-Prop 8 sentiments may have resulted in the loss of his account's "Verified" status. Elizabeth Banks made a similar discovery, though she didn't link its disappearance to Prop 8 and appears to be Verified once again, as of the the time I wrote this.

In other tweeting, Paris Hilton met Sandra Bullock for the first time, John Cho made a eye-opening discovery about "American Pie" and Snoop Dogg turned a photo op with with Mario Van Peebles into a TwitPic post. Check out what that looked like after the jump and see what Damon Lindelof thinks of Paula Abdul's possible return to "American Idol."

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for August 5, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@SnoopDogg With @thalegacy, yg, mario van peebles, and Tiny Luster aka debo..

-Snoop Dogg, Actor ("Starsky & Hutch," "Soul Plane")

Prop 8 pt. 1: @IMKristenBell Dear California, FINALLY!!!!!!!!! RIP bitch!!! (prop 8)

-Kristen Bell, Actress ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Couples Retreat")

Prop 8 pt. 2: @elizadushku PROP 8 OVERTURNED IN CALIFORNIA! I'm a tad late on the news from overseas but now I can return home a proud Angelino transplant- THATS RIGHT

-Eliza Dushku, Actress ("Bring It On," "Dollhouse")

@DamonLindelof Paula Abdul is about to become the Favre of American Idol.

-Damon Lindelof, Writer/Producer ("Star Trek," "Lost")

De-Verification pt. 1: @ElizabethBanks Twitter Overlords, what did I do to lose my Verified status? I swear it's still me. *flirtatious batting of eyelashes*

-Elizabeth Banks, Actress ("Zack and Miri Make a Porno," "W.")

De-Verification pt. 2: @daxshepard1 Twitter, what have I done to lose my verified status? Were you pro-prop 8? Was it my snarky Palin comments? Are you Glenn Beck fans?

-Dax Shepard, Actor ("Baby Mama," "Employee of the Month")

@JohnTheCho Having spent a little time here, I now realize how much the american pie movies were Adam Herz's valentine to Michigan

-John Cho, Actor ("Star Trek," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle")

@ParisHilton Met Sandra Bullock when I was walking into @DraisHollywood tonight. She's even more beautiful in person and very down to earth. Love her! :)

-Paris Hilton, Actress ("House of Wax," "Pledge This!")

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