Luc Besson Taking Guy Pearce And Maggie Grace Into Space For 'Lockout'

Good news, all. Luc Besson is going back to sci-fi! The "Fifth Element" director has locked down "Lockout," a movie in which a man who is conspiracy is fired into space to rescue the president's daughter from an orbiting prison that's been taken over by rioting inmates. Deadline, reporting the news, characterizes the story as "Taken" in outer space. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's definitely a little "Escape from New York" in there too, right?

Maggie Grace, who, incidentally, starred in "Taken," is signed on for the female lead in "Lockout." Guy Pearce is attached for the male lead, our aforementioned convicted conspirator who in fact did not commit any crimes. Besson, who wrote and produced "Taken," has been busy in recent years directing a series of movies that started with children's book adaptation "Arthur and the Invisibles." I'm encouraged to see him stepping back towards more grown-up fare with "Lockout."