EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Lennon Hints That A 'Night At The Museum 3' Script 'May Or May Not Be Written'

Thomas Lennon is one of those great comedic actors who, whenever he appears on screen in anything, we're guaranteed he'll deliver the goods. Known mostly for playing short short enthusiast Lieutenant Jim Dangle on "Reno 911!" and recent supporting roles in "17 Again" and "I Love You, Man," you might never know that he's equally talented behind the camera, as a writer ("Night at the Museum," "Balls of Fury").

When MTV caught up with the multi-talented man, he was knee-deep in prep for a new half-hour comedy pilot for FX called "Alabama," which is set a thousand years in the future and follows the peace-keeping missions of a United Nations spaceship. "Think improvised 'Das Boot,' in space," Lennon said. I already can't wait! (But more on that later) Naturally I had to ask him FIRST when we're going to see "Night at the Museum 3."

"I’m not the guy to ask. I will say we have some very good ideas for it," he teased. "I would love to see a third 'Night at the Museum' film, my fingers are crossed." Then he added, "There may or may not already be a script for it."

Jackpot. I take that vague statement to mean that there is *totally* a third movie written and on the way. What will it be about and where will it be set? "I know they will kill me if I were to say it," Lennon admitted. "The Liberace Museum is not out of the question. That may or may not be true."

Perfect! I can see that as a DVD short right now. I suggested to Lennon that he should execute that idea asap. "I could just go shoot that myself I suppose… capes chasing me around and stuff."