Nicolas Cage Describes 'Drive Angry' Car Chases And Working In 3-D

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to car chases. From the epic climax of "Con Air" to the grand theft auto on full display in "Gone in Sixty Seconds," Cage has engaged in several high-octane road races in his time as an actor. Now, he's about to drive angry in... well, "Drive Angry."

Speaking with MTV News, Cage described car chases as "part of the iconography of film," something that he finds himself drawn to time and again. And even though he's gotten behind the wheel for several movie stunts in the past, Cage's driving work in director Patrick Lussier's 3-D revenge flick is unlike anything he's done before.

"Anytime you can do something with [the car chase] that elevates it or reinvents it, you're doing something exciting," he told MTV's Josh Horowitz. "In this case, I did quite a few stunts with people literally on the hood of the car driving at very high speeds, so it reminded me of those old movies where you have people on top of the wing of a biplane. It was a little intense. That was definitely new to me and I was always very concerned about the stunt people I was working with."

Thankfully, not only is Cage himself somewhat experienced in the world of stunt driving, but he also had the assistance of "Gone in Sixty Seconds" stunt coordinator Johnny Marin at his disposal.

"I was happy to be reunited with Johnny," said Cage. "We already had a lot of practice in the past together, so I was definitely up for it."

As for what drew Cage to "Drive Angry" in the first place, the actor pointed to his director's proficiency with 3-D technology.

"I thought that Patrick was a purist when it came to 3-D, and I was excited about exploring that," he explained. "I had never done a movie like this before, a movie that was live-action 3-D that was the same one that hailed from films like 'High Plains Drifter,' the classic '70s action movies that really had a lot to do with my decision of becoming a film actor."

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