Russell Brand Tickles Elmo With A Bad Touch In Today's Daily TwitPic

That Russell Brand. Does anyone ever really know what he's going to do next? I don't even think he does.

Today's Daily TwitPic captures Brand in the moment of doing something unexpected. Unexpected and terribly, horribly wrong. Poor Elmo. The lovable, red "Sesame Street" character is notoriously ticklish... but my guess is that even he is a little appalled by what happens in the picture after the jump. I don't even have to guess; you can see the look of horror on his face, which is pretty impressive considering that it's an inanimate mask (sorry kids, it is).

I warn you: those with fond memories of the street named Sesame are in for a shock. It might change you. It might leave you broken. It will definitely disturb you. But it's also really, really funny.

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