'Tron Legacy' Writers, Producer Excited For Bridges Vs. Bridges, Flynn's Arcade

Look. We're all excited for "Tron Legacy." Those who aren't... you're crazy. But do you know who is really excited for it? Anyone who worked on the movie. We spoke to writers Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis and producer Sean Bailey at San Diego Comic-Con and they were more than happy to run through a spoiler-free rendition of their most-looked-forward-to elements in the coming release.

"Watching [star] Garrett [Hedlund] walk into Flynn's Arcade," Kitsis said. "Just getting to see Flynn's again after 27 years. You're right with Garrett when he's walking and he's seeing and the emotion he has as he's playing that, I feel the same thing. For me that's an exciting moment."

Horowitz is more excited to see the fusion of old and new in the coming sequel. "Seeing Jeff [Bridges] and Bruce [Boxleitner] back up on the screen, it's unbelievable. And watching them mix it up with the new cast members -- Olivia [Wilde], Garrett, Michael [Sheen] -- it's amazing for us to watch and see."

Bailey isn't content to let the humble writers give all of the credit to the talented cast. "I would also add, I think, one of these guys' great inventions for this movie was Clu, the villain, played by the younger re-creation of Bridges," he said. "So for me some of the Clu scenes and the creative dynamic we were able to create of having Bridges in the movie playing against himself was really exciting."