'Transformers 3' Role Revealed For Alan Tudyk

"Transformers 3" won't be in theaters until next summer, but it's shooting now so information has been coming out in drips and drabs. The latest comes from fromhollywoodwithluv.blogspot.com (via TFW2005), specifically an interview they did with Alan Tudyk. The casting was revealed in May but nothing was said about the "Firefly" actor's role in the film.

Well wonder no more. Here's what Tudyk had to say about his character: "I’m a fellow agent of [Agent Simmon's], that is sort of his assistant and weapons expert, computer hacker, cyber sleuth." For those who might not remember, Agent Simmons is the role filled by John Turturro. Tudyk has his work cut out for him, playing opposite that kind of lunacy. It's a fun pairing though, no question.