Solar Tsunami Heads To Earth, Heralding The Arrival Of Aliens, Terminators And Super Powers!

There's a solar tsunami headed for Earth. Now, don't panic — it sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Basically, if you live in the Northern portion of the United States and possibly even lower, you're going to see some beautiful lights all throughout the night sky tonight thanks to a solar eruption from the sun. It might knock out some satellites in the process, but overall, we should be fine.

But it's so much more fun to speculate on what might happen if the solar tsunami has some considerably wackier side effects. Judging based on previously seen movie and television plots, here are some possibilities for how the solar tsunami is going to influence the future of mankind!

- We're all going to turn into superheroes. As we saw on "Heroes," solar eclipses and the like awakened superpowers within a select portion of the human race. But what happens when a solar tsunami washes over the Earth? It only makes sense that such a dramatic event would give everybody the ability of flight, optical laser blasts, accelerated healing factors or some other such superhuman ability, right? Right!

- The sun is dying. That's the plot for Danny Boyle's criminally underrated "Sunshine" — for some reason, Earth's sun is beginning to die, threatening the extinction of mankind in the process. A group of scientists are sent out into space with a payload intended to reignite the sun. That's supposed to happen in 2057, mind you, so tonight's solar tsunami could simply be the first warning shot in the sun's impending doom.

- Clearly, there's an alien invasion coming to Earth. I mean, really — a solar tsunami? Possible satellite disruption? It's a little bit too perfect for extraterrestrials not to land on Earth in one big fell swoop, a la the invasion seen in "Independence Day." Let's just hope that Will Smith has taken some flying lessons and that Jeff Goldblum's "Law & Order" retirement gives him some time to focus on his computer hacking skills.

- Speaking of fried satellites, perhaps this is the moment in time when the Terminators take over the planet. We're still a few years away from Judgment Day, but as seen in "Rise of the Machines," the universe has a way of course-correcting itself. If our satellites become scrambled, perhaps they'll also become self-aware, leading to multiple viewings of the "Terminator" films and a subsequent strategy to mirror the franchise's plot to take over the Earth. You heard it here first, folks.

- Of course, what's really going to happen is... well, nothing, save for some cool light effects and some possible satellite dysfunction across the globe. In the end, everything's going to be groovy — until 2012 rolls around, that is. That's the date we really have to worry about.

What do you think will happen when the solar tsunami washes over Earth? Tell us your predictions in the comments and on Twitter!