Chris Mintz-Plasse Shares His 'Fright Night'(?) Look In Today's Daily TwitPic

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is probably enjoying the home video release of "Kick-Ass" this week, the underrated May superhero flick in which he starred alongside Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson. He's also hard at work though, on Craig Gillespie's upcoming remake of the '80s vampire horror flick, "Fright Night." Yesterday, he tweeted an image -- today's Daily TwitPic -- which he claims shows some of his makeup for the movie; Mintz-Plasse will play the villainous bloodsucker Evil Ed.

I'm... not sure I get it though. Maybe it's just the length of time its been since I had anything to do with "Fright Night," but... Ed didn't look like that. Right? Is this a joke? Because, you know, Mintz-Plasse trades in the funny. I just don't see the connection here. Can somebody help me out? Something I'm forgetting from "Fright Night"?

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