Justin Bieber And 'An Inconvenient Truth' Director Davis Guggenheim Team-Up Inspire Other Unlikely Collabos...

It's a bizarre day, MTV Movies Blog readers. The 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber is getting a biopic. In 3-D. Directed by "An Inconvenient Truth" helmer Davis Guggenheim. And it will release next year, for Valentine's Day weekend. Also, my birthday.

Strange times. Pigs are most definitely not flying, not here in New York City at any rate, but this Bieber/Guggenheim collaboration really is happening. And why not? Bieber is a towering figure in the current pop culture landscape. Guggenheim is a top-level documentary filmmaker. Who better to tell the story of Bieber's sudden -- remember, he only came into the spotlight last year -- meteoric rise to success? It's with that in mind that I offer these other potential subjects for our most talented documentary filmmakers...

Getting Social With Kanye West / Morgan Spurlock

There's a bit of a leap here as Spurlock operates best as the central voice in his documentaries (see also: "Super Size Me," "Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?"). But there's really no better documentary filmmaker for capturing one noted artist's plunge into the world of social networking. Kanye West, almost a year out from his troubling outburst at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, is back to delighting his fans as one of the latest to embrace Twitter. He's been logging tweets at a phenomenal pace, one that some experts see as paving the way to an eventual burnout. Spurlock is the right guy to tell this story from beginning to its eventual end, no question.

Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster / Errol Morris

For all intents and purposes, Lady Gaga is Madonna, David Bowie and a traveling freakshow rolled into one. She's captured the hearts and minds of millions of her Little Monster fans. In just a few short years, Gaga has gone from a pop diva to an institution, a spectacle that the lovers and haters alike watch with great interest, itching to know exactly what she's going to do -- or be -- next. Is there any more perfect subject for Errol Morris, the Oscar-winning director of "The Fog of War"? Just stick Gaga in front of his patented Interrotron for two hours and let the magic make itself.

Lindsay Lohan: America's Fallen Angel / Albert Maysles

Albert Maysles is one half of the filmmaking duo behind landmark Rolling Stones documentary "Gimme Shelter" (his brother and collaborator David passed away in 1987). He excels at examining specific subjects, in this case one of the most talked about and controversial around, Lindsay Lohan. In an unprecedented agreement, Maysles would secure the rights and access to chronicle Lohan's ongoing rehabilitation, the 90 days she is currently serving plus the no doubt difficult weeks and months that are to come afterward. The end result would be an honest yet touching portrait of a troubled and largely misunderstood public figure.

Hold On Tight, Spider-Monkey: Twilight And The Rise Of The Fangirl / D.A. Pennebaker

D.A. Pennebaker, the filmmaker behind "Monterey Pop," the famed Bob Dylan doc "Don't Look Back" and "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars," is perfect to document the nuclear, ongoing success of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" franchise. His handheld camera visuals and narration-free approach would let the madness simply speak for itself, which is really the only way to properly capture the craze surrounding those fictional Pacific Northwest vampires.

American Idol / Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman is considered to be one of the world's leading cinema verite filmmakers, though he himself is not a fan of the term. His process, like Pennebaker's, is largely observational, geared around handheld cameras, fly on the wall perspectives and absent narration. Where the two filmmakers differ is in presentation; Wiseman's focus is on capturing the personal experience of his subject, typically within one institution or another. Who better then to document the coming season of "American Idol," which by all accounts will be a season of major change. While we don't quite know the extent of what to expect yet, Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell are definitely out as judges and Kara DioGuardi may be as well. Imagine how the experience will be for this year's competitors. You don't have to; Wiseman's genius will capture it all.