Will Ferrell And Adam McKay On 'The Cutting-Edge VHS Technology' Of 'The Other Guys'

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are revolutionary filmmakers. Don't believe us? Just have a listen to how the two funnymen shot their latest flick, the action/comedy "The Other Guys."

"We're shooting on six-hour Maxwell tapes," Ferrell told us when we hit the New York City set last spring. "This is cutting-edge VHS technology," added McKay, who wrote co-wrote and directed the film.

But they didn't stop with their commitment to a format that has been outdated for, oh, more than a decade. They kept on pushing their creative impulses, striving to outdo the work of James Cameron on "Avatar."

"The movie is being shot on these videocassettes and then being transferred to a sketch artist, who is actually storyboarding every frame of film," explained Ferrell. "That is being filmed. That is then being downloaded to a DAT — a digital audio tape. It is then being put into a microprocessor and sent over to a lab in South Korea. And then [transferred] into anime."

"Which then goes to a projector screen, which then takes it into 34 millimeter, live-action regular film," McKay chimed in. "It increases the steps, but with each of those steps there's a chance for creativity, there's a chance for process, reinterpretation. What we've found is it drives the cost way up, and the margin of error goes way up."

Hit play on the video to find out the reason that Ferrell is positive studios are happy with rising costs and why you might only be able to see "The Other Guys," which opens on Friday (August 6), at the drive-in.

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