'Curious George' Movie Coming From 'Despicable Me' Creators

After last week's trailer for "Yogi Bear," I shouldn't be greeting news of another treasured childhood animal tale being adapted for the big screen. But then, this animal tale is coming from the same folks behind the funny yet touchingly sweet summer 2010 flick "Despicable Me."

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that "Despicable" animator Illumination Entertainment will tackle a CG adaptation of the classic Hans & Margaret Rey children's book series, "Curious George." In the books, an explorer -- the Man with the Yellow Hat! -- brings a primate back to the city to live with him and lessons are learned as the animal adjusts to this new world. The Times story says that Illumination will bring "the wry animated images of 'Despicable Me'" to George's universe.

I just want to say now that I'd like to see Tom Hanks voice the Man in the Yellow Hat. I always kind of pictured him as that guy when I read the books as a youngster -- don't know why, I just did -- and I think he would lend the right paternal quality to the role in the upcoming movie. Just my two cents.