ENTOURAGE: Episode 83, 'Bottoms Up' Recap

EntourageEpisode Title: "Bottoms Up"

Written By: Ally Musika

Story: While partying, Vince (Adrien Grenier) finds a new romantic interest in the form of retired pornography actress Sasha Gray, playing herself. Thanks to Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Vince and Sasha embark on a tequila-filled day, possibly ruining one job opportunity and launching another in the process. Meanwhile, Drama (Kevin Dillon) finds his John Stamos dreams are close to an end, while Ari (Jeremy Piven) struggles to hold onto some high profile clients and Eric (Kevin Connolly)... tries... well, something.

X-Rated Action: Let's get one thing straight — any episode of "Entourage" that features Bob Saget, Mike Tyson, Jessica Simpson, Stan Lee and Aaron Sorkin in the same half hour is a very, very good episode of "Entourage." It's even better when they're all in the episode for very different reasons.

Starting with Vince, it seems that he's found love again in the form of another Hollywood starlet, though Sasha's credentials are firmly underground when compared to Mandy Moore. Still, the chemistry between Grenier and Gray is undeniable, making her a welcome presence to the "Entourage" gang for the time being, particularly when Turtle's tequila enterprise is involved.

But Drama is in a considerably less happy situation, as his budding sitcom opposite John Stamos has fallen by the wayside as Bob Saget is working to land Drama's role. It's a bummer both for Drama as well as for the audience, because a Drama-Stamos sitcom would have made for "Entourage" gold.

Elsewhere, Ari is on the warpath trying to hang onto his clients as Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) tries to steal them away to an initially unknown agency. With her eye on Tyson, Sorkin and Simpson, Lizzie nearly gets away with Ari's clients, though he's ultimately able to hang onto them — for now, at least, as sultry agent Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) has secured Lizzie's talents, and she's out for Ari's blood. Here's hoping we see Amanda and Lizzie's team-up evolve over the coming episodes.

As for Eric? Well, let's just say that he and Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) tried their best to live up to the episode's title, and we'll leave it at that.

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