EXCLUSIVE: 'Centurion' Stills Are All Action And Combat

Like the best war movies, "The Descent" writer/director Neil Marshall's "Centurion" focuses on a small, tight-knit group of soldiers. This particular movie looks far back in time, long before the age of gunpowder, a time when warriors needed to get up close and personal on the battlefield to kill one another. In 117 AD, a Roman legion is ordered to squash a rebellious force in northern Britain. But when a guerrilla ambush results in the capture of the Roman General Virilus (Dominic West), it is up to a small platoon led by Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender) behind enemy lines to save him.

MTV News is pleased to bring you a collection of four exclusive images from the movie. Just click the one below to check out our full gallery. "Centurion" hits VOD, VUDU, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, Amazon and theaters on August 27.