Michael Cera Has An 'Arrested Development' Update And A Pitch For Creator Mitch Hurwitz

It's not a Michael Cera interview until the subject of the long-awaited "Arrested Development" is broached. At least once. Hear that, Mitch Hurwitz? Make this movie happen so we can stop harassing your pals!

Anyway, MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke with Cera last week at San Diego Comic-Con and "Arrested" was indeed a topic of conversation. Cera, who can probably answer questions about the unjustly canceled TV series and what he knows of future plans for it in his sleep, bravely fielded the question and even threw a little something new on the table.

"I hope it'll happen soon. I think it's going to, soon, hopefully," he said. "But I know so little about it." Josh then pointed out that stars Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor were also in attendance at the 'Con, so why not shoot it there? "That would be great," Cera admitted.

It seemed that the "Arrested" questioning would stop there. Josh did his due diligence as a reporter and Cera, ever the professional, gamely answered the questions to the best of his ability. Such a good sport. He's promoting "Scott Pilgrim" right now; imagine how many times a week the words "Arrested Development" are thrown his way.

Cera apparently has a few ideas of his own for how the movie should unfold, and he shared his latest idea for Hurwitz with Josh. "I want to pitch Mitch Hurwitz this thing where, if we do do the movie, my character over the years has turned into a creepy guy. I'm still in love my cousin but I'm leaving flowers on her door. All of the members of the family are like, 'What's going on? It's been years now.'"

There's really nothing to say which can follow that, so I won't try. Turn that one over in your heads a few times. George Michael as a creepy perv.