'Scream 4' Villain Revealed In Today's Daily TwitPic

It was only a matter of time. Shooting for "Scream 4" is well underway now. Even the tightest, most well-maintained ship is going to spring a leak or two on occasion. Who knew that today's particular leak would come from the director himself, legendary horror-smith Wes Craven?

In today's Daily TwitPic we get a look at "Scream 4"'s ghostface killer. Not to be confused with Wu-Tang emcee Ghostface Killah. Though for all we know, it could be the Wu rapper beneath that mask. What a twist that would be, eh? Our heroes, after surviving numerous attempts on their lives, whip off the ghostface killer's mask to reveal... Ghostface Killah!!! Ahhhh!!! Killa bees on the swarm!!! Hit the jump to have precisely zero questions answered.