'At The Mountains of Madness' Is Next For Guillermo Del Toro! We've Got An EXCLUSIVE Script Update

Deadline reports that Guillermo del Toro will direct "At The Mountains of Madness" as his next feature film, with James Cameron (!) serving as producer. The Cameron producing part is a surprise for sure, but thanks to a few hints and re-write updates from del Toro himself during MTV's exclusive interview below, filmed at Comic-Con, we were pretty sure that his next project would be the long-talked-about H.P. Lovecraft adaptation.

“We are rewriting slightly the screenplay we’ve had for 12 years,” del Toro said. “There [are] movies that have come out that have done things that are similar to some of the stuff we were trying," he said.

"Matthew [Robbins] and I believe that a screenplay like that you have to tackle again every so often. We tackled it last about two years ago, [when] Matt and I felt like we needed to rewrite some stuff. Matt is my greatest writing partner because we keep updating anything we haven’t shot, we keep saying, ‘Let’s do another rewrite,’ So we’re going to do another rewrite in the next couple months.’”

Del Toro went on to say that writing the Lovecraft adaptation was a significant challenge when they started it. “Thirteen years ago it was a big challenge, but right now what we’re doing is keeping it alive,” he said.

The film will reportedly begin pre-production in the coming weeks and film next summer.