As Rihanna Boards 'Battleship,' MTV Looks To Pair Other Pop Stars With Board Game Flicks

While we still aren't sure what role Rihanna will play in board game adaptation "Battleship" (I hope, for her sake, she gets to get it on with either Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard... or both), we imagine she will bring her own flare for theatrics to the role. The thing about her casting is that it has us wondering what pop stars would do well in other planned movie adaptations of board games.

--Being that Miley Cyrus is the kind of girl who has no problem oversharing, she seems like the perfect teen queen to star in a film adaptation of the classic truth-or-dare girlie girl board game, Girl Talk. Picture this: Queen Bee Cyrus is taken down by her peers who learn her secrets after a night of playing the game, revealing all to the entire school. Embarrassment, and perhaps revenge, follows.

--Fact of life right here: everywhere he goes, Justin Bieber causes chaos. Being that malls have been shut down during his appearances at them, the game Mall Madness along with the the story of the greatest pop star of our time, seems like a perfect fit.

--Remember when Katy Perry ran around Candyfornia in a whipped cream bra? Yeah, it was basically the Candyland board game.

--Ke$ha (pictured above) has a dollar sign in her name. Monopoly is a game about money. In Ke$ha's movie version of the beloved game, Mr. Monopoly hires Ke$ha to be his wacky assistant. Soon, the plucky young girl uncovers her boss's dire plans for world domination and manages to topple Monopoly and put an end tol his evil ways, bringing much needed balance and good to his company. Think "Working Girl."

--Heidi Montag has been known to embrace the supernatural. So in the film version of the creeptastic "game" Ouija, Heidi plays a woman who must exorcise the ghost of her dead sister -- conjured from a night of board game playing -- from her home before she destroys everything. That makes sense right?