EXCLUSIVE: Guillermo Del Toro Shooting Makeup Tests For 'Frankenstein' Soon, 'Van Helsing' Was A Rumor

In the weeks prior, Guillermo del Toro had promised a big announcement for San Diego Comic-Con. He didn't disappoint: "Haunted Mansion" is getting a remake, and it's going to be del Toro-ified. Still, the guy has a ton of other projects that fans are curious about. MTV's Josh Horowitz asked him about two in particular when they sat down for a chat during the 'Con: "Frankenstein" and "Van Helsing."

"Frankenstein-- in the next few weeks we are doing a very, very thorough makeup test on Doug Jones. And we're gonna film it," del Toro said. Jones, of course, is the longtime collaborator who is perhaps best known for wearing the Abe Sapien suit in "Hellboy" and the Pale Man & Pan suits in "Pan's Labyrinth."

"We have been designing the creature, sculpting it," del Toro continued. "Bernie Wrightson designed the creature. That's the man, the go-to guy for 'Frankenstein.' My idea is to try to shoot that movie exactly as--" he paused, "Almost like an illustration [in] black & white. It would be done very differently than the other 'Frankenstein' movies. But it's in the future; we're doing tests in a couple weeks."

Josh asked, just to clarify, is the intent to shoot in black & white? Del Toro admits that it's not really an option that's being considered. "I would hope that it would resemble it," he said.

Then there's "Van Helsing." A bunch of weeks ago it was rumored that del Toro would be taking another crack at "Van Helsing," the story of famed Dracula hunter Abraham Van Helsing. It was believed that his big SDCC announcement would be just that. Surprise, surprise-- the rumor that spawned on the Internet wasn't quite true.

"'Van Helsing,' it was a rumor on the 'net," del Toro said. "There is no deal in place. There was a talk about it. There was literally an informal talk about it, we had some ideas. But it's not [happening]. That's the thing-- I have a lot of projects but there are a lot more projects attributed to me than there [actually] are."