Amanda Bynes Comes Out Of Retirement-- Here Are Five Treasured Actors Who Should Follow Suit!

Congratulations are in order for Amanda Bynes, the accomplished "All That" actress who announced her unretirement after just one month of supposedly leaving the film industry forever. Bynes announced her decision to "unretire" a few short days ago, providing fans of her work with plenty of cause to celebrate. Of course, skeptics and detractors have plenty of cause to celebrate, too.

Retirement is a tenuous thing in the film industry. With the right material or a hefty enough paycheck, anyone can come out of hiding. Still, there are certain actors who are a bit more committed to the idea of retirement than Bynes apparently was — actors who we really want to see make a comeback.

After the jump, check out five actors who should follow Bynes' example and "unretire" themselves back into the acting game!

Sean Connery

After he turned down the opportunity to reprise his role as Henry Jones, Sr. in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," it seemed incredibly unlikely that Sean Connery would ever return to acting. But with his decision to lend his voice to the animated film "Sir Billi," perhaps the legendary Scottish actor could be coaxed out of retirement with the right film role.

Leonard Nimoy

Although his work as Spock in the "Star Trek" universe was neatly wrapped by the end of J.J. Abrams' recent relaunch of the franchise, let's not forget that Leonard Nimoy has another science fiction property in the form of "Fringe." Like Spock, Nimoy's work as reclusive scientist William Bell appears to be at an end, but several mysteries still surround the character. With any luck, we'll see Nimoy back on the "Fringe" set before the show's completion.

Gene Hackman

No disrespect intended, but is Gene Hackman really satisfied with ending his career on "Welcome to Mooseport," the politically-themed comedy co-starring Ray Romano? Not that it's a bad film, but with a resume that includes "The French Connection," "Hoosiers" and "Unforgiven," you'd think that Hackman would want to go out on a more dramatic note. One last gruff and tough turn as a take-no-nonsense antagonist should do the trick.

Rick Moranis

Beyond occasional voice work, Rick Moranis has taken himself completely out of the filmmaking industry since his final performance as Wayne Szalinski in "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" in 1997. Perhaps it's an appropriate note to go out on, but with a third "Ghostbusters" film reportedly in development, it's impossible to imagine Moranis not returning for one last go as the nerdy Louis Tully.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Really, what can we say that hasn't been said before? Arnold Schwarzenegger is the once and future king of the action genre, and his all-too-brief cameo in "The Expendables" will have you begging for more Schwarzy-centric action flicks. With his governorship nearly term-limited, perhaps Schwarzenegger will be back in action before too long.

Who else should "unretire" from the acting industry? Tell us your picks in the comments section and on Twitter!