Felicia Day Finds Some Dedicated 'Mass Effect' Cosplayers At Comic-Con In Today's Daily TwitPic

If events like San Diego Comic-Con hold no interest for you, you can be forgiven for not knowing what "cosplay" is. SDCC and its ilk tends to bring a diverse crowd, including the hardcore franchise and genre fans who take their enthusiasm far enough that they dress up as their favorite characters. This is cosplay, short for "costume play." Go to something like SDCC and you'll see it everywhere. Or you could just check out our gallery.

And so we come to the lovely and talented Felicia Day, star of the web comedy series "The Guild." Day was of course in attendance at Comic-Con last week; that's entirely her scene. While she was wandering around the show floor she came across the group you'll find her posed for a photo op with after the jump. "Mass Effect" is a popular sci-fi video game for Xbox 360 and PC; the folks in that picture are dressed as characters from the game. Those are some seriously excellent costumes too-- check it out for yourself after the jump.

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