'Tron Legacy'? Marvel Comics? 'Let Me In'? Who Put In The Best Appearance At San Diego Comic-Con This Year?

San Diego Comic-Con is over and so we begin a week-plus of wrap-up and catch-up. What were the biggest surprises for you? What would you have liked to seen or heard more from? MTV's Movies team still has an exhaustive amount of material to sort through, but before that all starts to roll out, I'd like to hear from you. What were your SDCC highlights, the things that you were most excited about. I've assembled a poll below identifying the show's biggest reveals, so let us know. As always, we want your comments too; what worked/didn't work for you with regard to this year's Comic-Con? Is there any coverage from us specifically that you would like to have seen more of? Your feedback here is very valuable, as we'll use it to help in building a gameplan for next year and beyond.