San Diego Comic-Con Is Over: Here's Your Guide To MTV's Coverage!

San Diego Comic-Con was home to some industry-shaking news in the past week, and MTV was there in a big way to cover it all. In addition to our usual rundown of panel reports, screening/footage impressions, exclusive debuts and celebrity interviews, we also worked with MySpace to bring a little bit of the live event into your homes by way of three livestream shows hosted by MTV Movies managing editor Josh Horowitz.

There was a lot to cover, so much that we've still got hours of tape to sort through once the San Diego team is safely back home in New York. So today I'm going to take a look at our show highlights and present them all to you here in one easy-to-follow blog post. Which panels went nuclear? Where were the surprise guests? How many celebrity guests put in an appearance, and where? Find out all of that and more after the jump as we round up MTV's 2010 San Diego Comic-Con coverage!


Disney: Guillermo del Toro moves from "The Hobbit" to a "Haunted Mansion" reboot, "Tron Legacy" footage + a trailer premieres and Johnny Depp appears as Jack Sparrow in a pre-taped clip touting the coming of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides."

"Red": Comic creator Warren Ellis appeared with a star-studded cast that includes Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren to talk up "Red," a movie about a group of retired government killers who pick up their guns again when it is decided that they are too dangerous to live.

"Megamind": Most of the stars of the upcoming CG animated comedy were on hand, including Brad Pitt! Or, more accurately, a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt.

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World": Director Edgar Wright showed with a large portion of the cast to talk up the August 13 release.

EW Visionaries: J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon: Two titans in the filmmaking world sat down for a lengthy chat in Comic-Con's fabled Hall H. Plenty of talk on "The Avengers" and "Super 8."

"The Other Guys": Will Ferrell may very well have been the hardest working man at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. He and co-star Mark Wahlberg showed off their fun chemistry, which will likely be on of the highlights of their upcoming cop comedy "The Other Guys."

"True Blood": The residents of Bon Temps (minus Alexander Skarsgard, who was repped at the panel by a cardboard cutout) showed up with series creator Alan Ball for plenty of talk on blood-sucking and shape-changing.

Sony: "Salt" was in theaters by the time this panel happened, but it gave Sony an excuse to get Angelina Jolie into Hall H. No one complained. fans also got their first look at next year's alien invasion flick, "Battle: Los Angeles."

"Priest": Director Scott Stewart brought out his diverse cast, which includes Cam Gigandet, Stephen Moyer, Karl Urban, Maggie Q and star Paul Bettany, to discuss the upcoming adaptation of the popular Tokyo Pop graphic novel.

"The Expendables": Schwarzenegger didn't show, by stars Sylvester Stallone (also the writer/director), Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crew, Steve Austin and Randy Couture were joined by Bruce Willis, who also has a notable cameo in the film.

"Skyline": Donald Faison, Eric Balfour and their fellow castmembers gathered to tout 2011's "other" alien invasion flick, "Skyline," in which the cataclysmic event is seen from the point of view of partygoers making their slow, painful recovery after a rough night.

"The Vampire Diaries": Stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and Matt Davis stopped by the 'Con to talk up the popular vampire series' next season, which kicks off in early September.

"Green Lantern": A large contingent of cast and crew members showed up, but the real highlight was the footage reveal. Sweet, delicious footage.

"The Green Hornet": Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry, Evan Goldberg and Neil Moritz talked up the movie and showed some footage, to the delight of many.

Marvel: Is there any way Marvel could posibly top "Captain America" and "Thor" footage reveals? Yes, in fact. The "Avengers" team assembled onstage, including newcomers Mark Ruffalo, who will be playing Bruce Banner, and Jeremy Renner, who will play Hawkeye.


-"Let Me In" trailer

-"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" footage revealed (description, no video)

-"Saw 3-D" trailer

-"Ironclad" footage (with Paul Giamatti and Brian Cox)

-"Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" clip

-"Tron Legacy" trailer

-"Buried" trailer

-"The Goon" extended teaser trailer

-"Wolverine and the X-Men" DVD trailer

-"Red" trailer

-"Batman: Under the Red Hood" clip


-Seth Rogen confirmed that he'll direct "Jay and Seth Vs. the Apocalypse"

-Zack Snyder said that "Sucker Punch" will NOT be in 3-D

-"Tron Legacy" star Garrett Hedlund talked up his coming role and performing opposite Kristen Stewart in the adaptation of Jack Kerouac's book "On the Road"

-Going behind the scenes at the "Tron Legacy" SDCC party, a recreation of one of the film's sets

-Jay Baruchel drops some hints about the star he's lining up to lead his hockey comedy, "Goon" (not to be confused with comic book adaptation "The Goon")

-Expect a broadened focus in the upcoming "Star Trek" sequel

-Bruce Willis confirmed that a greenlight is "imminent" for "Die Hard 5"

-Matt Reeves spoke to MTV about "Let Me In" and how a remake of such a relatively recent film will stand apart from its inspiration

-Brad Pitt is starring in "World War Z," for a 2012 release; Max Brooks' "Zombie Survival Guide" and "Recorded Attacks" have also been optioned

-"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth says his costume will "sell the picture"

-Joss Whedon explains the casting of Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner in "The Avengers"

-Bzzd will appear in "Green Lantern"

-Destroyed armor, from "Thor," shows up at SDCC

-Joss Whedon suggests that "The Avengers" will feature tensions between Captain America and Iron Man which are similar to what we see in Marvel's "Civil War" arc

-Dracula's castle might appear in "Ghost Rider 2"

-The story in "Xerxes" neither a prequel nor a sequel to "300"; will run parallel instead

-Aaron Eckhart is "available" and game for a role in "Batman 3"

-Robert Rodriguez has read the "Deadpool" script, though he still isn't sure about directing

-Karl Urban confirms the "Judge Dredd" things are happening around him, and that it's "looking good"