'Sucker Punch' Female Stars Trained With Navy SEALs To Prepare

Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone are some of the actresses that seem least likely to be the next big action stars, but based on how well-received the panel and footage from their upcoming "Sucker Punch" was on Saturday at Comic-Con, it seems like that is exactly what they are set up to be.

When the four starlets of Zack Snyder's latest project came to chat with MTV at SDCC, they said that they didn't take the violence of the film lightly.

"We probably at the beginning all felt like, oh my God, we don't look like fighters," Browning said. "We're kind of all little girls. We trained our asses off -- we worked really hard."

She added that they were trained by Navy SEALS for three months, with six hour a day work out session. "And we got strong," Browning said.

In fact, they were all working out so much that they started having cravings to exercise when they didn't have any scheduled. "If we didn't get to work out one day we'd be like, shaking," Browning said.

"If they weren't fighting [with] guns, they had withdrawal," Chung added. "Jenna was always talking about it... she was so obsessed."