Peter Jackson The 'Logical Person' To Direct 'The Hobbit,' Guillermo Del Toro Says

Since Guillermo del Toro stepped away from directing the big screen adaptation of "The Hobbit" -- a project he spent two years writing, designing and preparing -- the big speculation is that when (or really if) the film gets made, it will be directed by "Lord of the Rings" helmer Peter Jackson. When MTV caught up with del Toro at Comic-Con on Friday, he said he is one of many who supports Jackson returning to Middle Earth.

"Me, like any other geek, I really want to see Peter do the movie," he said. He added that he thought a portion of the work he has done preparing for "The Hobbit" will transition to whoever works on the film next.

Just because he is looking forward to Jackson finishing the job he started with "Lord of the Rings" doesn't mean del Toro is any happier that he had to leave the project.

"It's a heartbreak for me that I cannot own that work," del Toro admitted. "It is almost like having a partial adoption of children, but you know, it really came to the point where we could not keep postponing [other film and book projects], contractually things went away. ... A lot of the stuff started to conflict in very bad ways."

Del Toro is under the impression that Jackson is pretty close to officially taking the job, and thinks that he is the "logical person to take over." "At this stage, you need somebody that has been involved in all the stages," he said.