Garrett Hedlund Says Kristen Stewart Is 'Where She Needs To Be' For 'On The Road'

Kristen Stewart said she would be up to the task of playing Marylou in "On the Road" after she gets done with a four-week "beatnik boot camp," and her co-star Garrett Hedlund, who's signed on to play Dean Moriarty, believes that she has what it takes.

"She's got it all there," Hedlund told MTV News. "She's where she needs to be and further, and also Sam Riley who's playing our Jack Kerouac [named Sal Paradise in the story], is incredibly devoted and a hard worker and also a fantastic actor, so the family we're surrounded by is wonderful and unbelievable."

Hedlund has a lot on his own plate right now as he promotes "Tron: Legacy" and gets read for its release in December. He compared his director and fellow cast members there to the group he's working with for "On the Road," though, and he feels lucky be on board for both movies.

"For me, I'm kind of on cloud nine because it's just like this film, being with Jeff [Bridges] and Joe [Kosinski] and Olivia [Wilde], who I knew when I was doing my first project and she was doing her first project, and being able to take this ride together, it's just been an incredible, fortunate sort of stream of events," he said.