'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' Footage -- With First Look At Bill Nighy -- Shakes Up Comic-Con

Daniel Radcliffe in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'The Warner Bros. panel didn't quite reach "Twilight"-level insanity with its triple punch of "Green Lantern," "Sucker Punch" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" panels, but it certainly got close. Our coverage of the panel is on its way from the always-wonderful Rick Marshall, but first let's talk about the "Deathly Hallows" footage shown.

Tom Felton was the only cast member who came to present the footage, and he said that even he hadn't seen the footage yet. "These last two films literally everyone has put absolutely everything into it," he said. "These last two films have really been what we're working up to."

That effort was really evident in the footage shown. The first part of it was similar to the full trailer that was released, using a lot of the footage from that in addition to some new stuff. There is a quick flash of the mirror slab that Harry thinks he sees Dumbledore in, as well as Voldemort and the Death Eaters in the woods. The entire sequence is narrated by Voldemort telling Harry to give himself up to save his friends at Hogwarts, which occurs at the end of the film.

The title card came up, and it seemed at first like the footage would end in an anticlimactic way, but then it continue with a lot of new stuff. We see a quick look at the seven Harry's from the beginning of the first film that will be used to help Harry escape from the Dursley's. There was also a first look at the negative turn of events during Fleur and Bill's wedding, with some dialogue between Harry and Lupin.

One of the coolest firsts of the footage was a first look at Bill Nighy as Rufus Scrimgeour, who is actually the figure whose back we see at in the trailer being photographed by paparazzi. There's also an extended look at Hermione and Harry being taken into Malfoy Manor by Bellatrix Lestrange, and her holding a knife to Hermione's neck. That was followed by a scene that takes place towards the beginning of the first film where Voldemort is holding court at Malfoy Manor and Snape is advising him to attack Harry at his aunt and uncle's home.

Hopefully the footage will come online soon, since there is a bunch I'm sure I missed during the too-quickly-over look we had in Hall H. But one thing is certain about the last two films about the final two films: the happy, fun tone from the first "Harry Potter" films is long gone. This is war now, and the action is really up to the next level.

There was one awesome shot that has stuck with me of Hermione firing her wand at bad wizards chasing the three of them in the woods, and the aggression in her movements made her fear palpable. The acting in these films looks absolutely phenomenal from what we've seen, and the extended look at the tent fight scene between Harry and Ron sent chills down my spine. Everyone has stepped the effort up to the next level for these films, and I for one can't wait until November 19.