Comic-Con: 'Tron Legacy' Beauty Olivia Wilde Gives Us A Tour Of The Re-Constructed Arcade

Olivia Wilde has spoken before about what she did and did not want to do with her character Quorra in "Tron: Legacy." While giving MTV News a look at the film's arcade during San Diego Comic-Con this week, she revealed a few more details about what she wanted to bring to the part and how director Joseph Kosinski affected the way she and her co-stars saw their on-screen world.

"People always say, 'Oh it was all CG. Were you just acting on a green screen the whole time?' Our director is an architect, so we had sets that were so beautiful that there would be an audible gasp when people walked on the sets," Wilde explained.

"Everything about this world was unfamiliar to us," she said. "It was totally non-organic, and so you kind of had to get used to what these surfaces would be like. Never seeing the sun — and we actually got to experience that, because I don't think any of us saw the sun for five months."

As for Quorra, Wilde entered into the part hoping to create an atypical action heroine. As the protector for Garrett Hedlund's character Sam Flynn, she wanted to focus on more than just being sexy.

"She's a warrior princess kind of thing," the actress said. "She's certainly not the vixen. I wasn't interested in making her that. I think people have seen that a lot, and I think the suits and the action make her sexy. She didn't need to try to play that."