Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Quote 'Anchorman' And More At 'Other Guys' Comic-Con Panel

Will Ferrell at the 2010 San Diego Comic-ConBy Ryan Downey

"The Other Guys" isn't based on a comic book. Neither is the source material a video game, toys or a television series. It isn't set in space.

But like Rainn Wilson (who sat on the Hall H stage two hours before), Will Ferrell is a rockstar at Comic-Con, where he joined Mark Wahlberg to talk about their slapstick buddy cop pic.


Director Adam McKay, Eva Mendes, Wahlberg (cat called at by Mendes!) take the stage, with Ferrell coming in last and pretending to immediately leave before sitting down.

McKay intro'd a clip saying some of it won't be in the movie.


INSANELY loud laughs during the footage. "It's really sad when you're laughing at your own trailer," Ferrell said afterward.

He credited Adam with the idea behind the movie. After a dinner with the pair, he came up with the idea of the b-team of cops as the center of a story.


"She made it terribly uncomfortable for me during the filming of the movie because of her leering eye," Ferrell said of Eva. "And my wandering hand," she added.


McKay joked that Ben Kingsley was originally the third partner in the movie.


The audience shouted out their favorite lines from Will's movies after a girl dressed as Hit Girl from "Kick-Ass" asked him his favorites. "I want to be on you" is his favorite. Then he said "it is a pleasure to be here in the whale's vagina."

He said "shake and bake," "you're my boy blue," and "let's go streaking" are the ones he hears the most.

Eva called "Anchorman" her "Citizen Kane."


Adam said as a film geek he loved getting to shoot action - blowing up a helicopter, machine guns and all.

He said "Anchorman 2" "sadly was not to be" but he hopes it will come together later. He said he's officially signed on the direct "The Boys" as of today. Will joked that he's signed on to do a remake of "Boys on the Side."


Will said Ron Burgundy is his favorite character he's played, particularly because it took them 3 years to get the movie made.


Will shouted "boner alert!" over and over after Eva jokingly flirted with a 16-year-old fan. Wahlberg told the kids mom not to come in if she hears moaning coming from his room later. "He's just in there with a picture of Eva and some lotion. It's natural!"


Will gets HUGE laughs imitating the creaking voice a fan asked a question with. It's now chaos in Hall H. The panel has turned on the fans in an amazing way.


A fan pointed out that Eva did "Roxbury" with Will and "We Own The Night" with Mark. She joked about how reuniting with them was terrible. Mendes said she wants to do a movie with Mark where they have more to do together.


The panel keeps making comments about the people asking questions -- not in a mean spirited way either, but in an awesome playful way. It's really hard to type while laughing this hard, folks. Now they are joking about Will's cooking...


Now Eva is being hitting on by a kid she told "come back in five years" at the Ghost Rider panel. HUGE LAUGHS as he tells his story.

"You were so cute. And you're cute now!" she said before pretending to give him her room number.

"I just think he's so handsome," Will added. "Now go sit down."


A fan just called Wahlberg "Marky Mark." But then she asked him serious questions about his fluency in Hebrew. He demonstrated to disbelief from Ferrell and McKay. The fan translated what he said as a cursing out of Ferrell!


The audience laughed when a girl asked about Will's bucket list, before he even answered. "I'm still working on my novel. I'm about 7000 pages into it." He said he wants to get his pilot's license, which seemed serious.


Would Will ever play a real villain? "I don't know if you'd ever buy me as a legit bad guy," he said.


McKay announced a new comedy he and Ferrell produced called "The Virginity Hit" and debuted the trailer. Afterward, they announced a screening tonight at 8pm, which they will attend!

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