'Skyline' Panel Brings Together 'Scrubs' And 'Six Feet Under' Stars At San Diego Comic-Con

12:09 pm Greg Strause and Colin Strause take the stage, saying how the idea of Skyline came to be. They said the idea came out of seeing the success of "Paranormal Activity."

12:10 pm Here's the footage!

12:13 pm Actually got chills from that trailer. These guys definitely didn't shrink from showing their aliens to the audience like "Battle: Los Angeles" did. Not the best CGI ever, but it still looks like fun. It still remains to be seen what sets this apart from "Cloverfield" or "Battle: Los Angeles." The aliens are very big though, and somewhat lizard-like.

12:13 pm Here's the cast: Donald Faison (whose girlfriend is sitting right next to me), Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, David Zayas and Britney Daniels.

12:13 pm They are actually working on "Battle: Los Angeles," which is why they had all the equipment to make their own film. Not backed by a studio, which is impressive. The movie is pretty big.

12:15 pm Faison says he's always wanted to fight against a green screen, and after "Avatar" he says he would have jumped on any awesome special effects-driven film.

12:16 pm Love that Zayas is here. So glad he is in this movie and at Comic-Con.

12:17 pm The cast keeps talking about how small the film is. You'll be surprised when you see the trailer how amazing it is that the film was done with only 120 people in the crew.

12:19 pm Still talking about how intimate the film was to shoot, everyone had to work a couple jobs on the set.

12:21 pm Thompson says the pre-visualization of the Strause brothers really helped them do the film. Colin says there's more shots in this than a typical Hollywood blockbuster.

12:23 pm They're going to show us a clip called "First Contact" (as it implies), which was day one of filming. They say Faison looked really good with a gun.

12:24 pm This clip definitely lives up to its name, the skyline shot featuring Balfour and Faison is freaking awesome. The clip shows the aliens touching down in the city and sucking up humans. Movies are as yet unknown, but it looks like the aliens somehow control the humans and make them want to come up on the rooftops to be sucked up?

12:25 pm An alien flew by that definitely looked just like a jellyfish.

12:26 pm The aliens are able to use a blue light that does something to humans. It makes the area around their eyes turn black and veiny, like Tony Stark's chest, and their eyes turn blue.

12:27 pm Fan questions!

12:27 pm Apparently the big draw about this movie is just going to be its tiny budget.

12:28 pm Balfour is so excited to be here, it's nuts.

12:28 pm Faison is hilarious onscreen, says he always knew people would be interested. He loves this stuff.

12:29 pm A fan asked Faison how it was working with the cast of "Skyline" versus "Scrubs," he says it's nice to not be funny and do something different. He says this cast is way better than "Scrubs," but we're sure he loves them both equally.

12:30 pm Wow, they really did shoot all of this in the Greg Strause's apartment. That is impressive.

12:31 pm "It's hard to do a movie about the end of the world, and have to worry about being quiet," Faison says about worrying about the neighbors.

12:32 pm Faison has a lot of young fans! One just asked him about working on "Josie and the Pussycats." Points for him for answering nicely.

12:33 pm Good, someone just asked what makes this movie different from "Cloverfield." Colin says this is about mass abduction on a global scale, and that the fear and the way people are being abducted is what makes this different.

12:34 pm He adds that the primal instinct to look at things is what makes movie different, because the aliens prey on that. Kind of how you can't drive by an accident and not slow down and look at it, these people can't not look at the aliens.

12:34 pm Balfour says they tried to approach it from a very human angle.

12:35 pm Greg says the film would have taken place somewhere different if his apartment was not located in Los Angeles.

12:37 pm The Strause brothers are really pumping the new Red cameras, they say it made making the film much easier.

12:38 pm On what inspired the aliens, Greg says, "Well, we wanted to make sure we could see them this time around." Burn to their other film, "Battle: Los Angeles."

12:38 pm Colin is saying that these aliens are supposed to look like nothing we've seen before. He says they wanted to go nuts and see what fit, to do all the producers would have shot down.

12:39 pm "We wanted Transformers-size aliens," Greg says.

12:41 pm Greg says it was very refreshing to work with the people they wanted to work with, not the people the studio decides. Their friends in the VIP section are all laughing at that.

12:41 pm Film coming out November 12, 2010.

12:42 pm And roll trailer again.

12:43 pm Basic premise is Faison, Thompson, Balfour and Daniels are all on vacation in Los Angeles, Zayas works at the hotel, and then the aliens invade in the middle of the night. The five of them all then have to try to survive.

12:44 pm They definitely did not skimp on making their aliens and space ships very, very large and epic.

12:45 pm The final shot of the trailer is a bunch of humans being sucked up into the sky by the space ship. Tagline: "Don't look up."

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