'Halo' Spartan Warriors REALLY Don't Like 'Boondock Saints' In Today's Daily TwitPic

An image like the one you'll find after the jump could only have come from the halls of San Diego Comic-Con. Right? Today's Daily TwitPic features "Boondock Saints" star Sean Patrick Flanery in what appear to be his final moments. A pair of Spartan super-soldiers, from the "Halo" video game universe, have the actor held at gunpoint for reasons that aren't made clear. Maybe that had issues with "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day"?

The MTV team on the ground in San Diego will be keeping an eye out for Flanery today as they continue our ongoing coverage of Comic-Con's biggest panels and most sought-after interviews. You'll of course be able to see some of it later today when the second of our three MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestreams gets underway at 3pm ET. There's still time to send along your questions; just tweet them to MTV Movies managing editor @JoshuaHorowitz. Hit the jump to take a peep at Flanery's final moments.

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