EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Willis Says 'Die Hard 5' Greenlight Is 'Imminent'

Yet another newsworthy gem to come out of MTV's livestream Comic-Con show today, in addition to Karl Urban's not-so-subtle mentions about his involvement in a Judge Dredd movie, was a little gem from Mr. Bruce Willis regarding "Die Hard 5."

"It's imminent," Willis said Thursday about whether the fifth movie in his esteemed franchise is on the way. "The coin is about to drop."

Willis also mentioned that he would still like to move forward with an "Unbreakable" sequel. "I think we'd have to hip-check Night [Shyamalan] into doing it," Willis said, joking that they would have to trick Shyamalan into thinking that it was his idea first. "I think that movie should be made," he added.

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