'Battle: Los Angeles' Details! Angelina Talks 'Salt'! Your San Diego Comic-Con Sony Panel Report!

1:00 pm Running behind schedule as is the trend today, but Angelina Jolie will be here, so it's worth the wait.

1:12pm Here's some footage from "Salt," looks like the police car scene that was in trailers, except more. She ends up shooting a taser at the driver and starts driving the car.

1:13 pm Best stunt of the footage is of Salt once she's been captured, jumping out of a helicopter. Epic.

1:13 pm "They took everything from me. I’ll kill them." Sounds like Salt is Lady Vengeance herself.

1:14 pm Footage is done, here come director Phillip Noyce, star Liev Schrieber and producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura.

1:15 pm And here is Angelina Jolie herself, wearing a very swank leather dress.

1:15 pm "It took a long, long time to get this made, but we got it made with the exact right person," Noyce says of the fact "Salt" was originally written for a man.

1:16 pm "It was the first time I had a time to do something based in reality," Jolie says of the action films she's done. Is she forgetting "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," or is she saying that's based in fantasy?

1:17 pm Noyce says her acting ability makes action sequences and that Schreiber is one of the greatest living American actors.

1:18 pm "I'm under the very misguided impression that everything is actor-driven," Schreiber says about his choice of actor-driven or character-driven films.

1:18 pm He says that both he and Jolie kept puzzling over what motivates a spy to play that role, especially with the recent fiasco. They joke that it was all a big publicity stunt for the studio.

1:18 pm Fan question time!

1:19 pm Jolie says she does use method acting for "Salt," and says there are big heavy scenes in this.

1:21 pm Schrieber's Ted takes it very personally when he thinks that Evelyn Salt's betrayed him, Schrieber says. "It was just a really fun ride. It just kept twisting and turning, and it was really fun as an actor."

1:22 pm Jolie did her own stunts, but was hurt on an easy one, and now has a scar on the bridge of her nose.

1:23 pm They all gave shout out to Stuart Crane, their stunt coordinator.

1:23 pm "I found that Angelina wanted to do every stunt, and she did. There's no CGI Angelina," Noyce says.

1:24 pm "We have to work so much harder to make the audience believe that all these things are possible," Jolie says, adding that it's the best action movie she's done.

1:25 pm Jolie says about Salt, "I think people will relate to her in a very human way."

1:26 pm They hired ex-CIA to help do the film.

1:27 pm "I didn’t do anything," Schreiber says of doing his own stunts, saying he weighed "how long am I going to have to sit with my foot in a bucket of ice" and "how long is this going to hurt myself" before doing them.

1:28 pm "I think when you see it, you will see why I chose to do her," Jolie says about choosing the role. "There's something a little bit off about her, and there's something a little bit off about me, so I thought it was a good match."

1:33 pm Noyce says they did have a big issue switching from a male to a female main actor, at first only on Jolie and then on other characters' lives.

1:33 pm On the switch from male to female, Noyce says, "Do we expect something different out of a male character than a female character? I think the audience expects the same."

1:35 pm Schreiber is totally letting Jolie one-up him on this. He keeps talking about how he didn't do much training and used doubles, but that she was the main animal on this one. No big surprise there.

1:37 pm Jolie has been very appreciative this entire panel, but she tops it all off by saying, "Bye, thank you for coming!" as she walks off the stage. What a classy lady.

1:37 pm And now "Battle: Los Angeles."

1:38 pm To set up the film, the moderator says there's a worldwide attack on planet by aliens, and the battle for Los Angeles ends up being one of most crucial ones in war.

1:38 pm Footage shouts out to actual event that happened on February 25, 1942, except this film says it's aliens. For those of you "True Blood" fans, Jim Parrack (Hoyt!) is in this one.

1:40 pm The whole film seems to be a weird amalgamation of genres. It's a war film, except the war's against aliens.

1:45 pm Director Neil Moritz, stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez, and producer Jonathan Liebesman come to the stage!

1:46 pm Liebesman says he wanted to make an alien that wasn’t a creature or an insect. "We wanted to do something that was literally alien." He says there's a hint of biomechanical in his aliens, which weren't really shown in the footage.

1:47 pm It was in fact based on a true event from 1942, where 1500 rounds were fired into the sky over Los Angeles, never brought anything down.

1:48 pm Eckhart and Rodriguez apparently did three weeks at Marine boot camp to train for the film.

1:51 pm ":It's very first person shooter," Rodriguez says.

1:51 pm He adds that there's a lot of influence from video games, especially "Halo" and "Modern Warfare."

1:53 pm Eckhart thought that the other actors and he all ended up really becoming marines and went all out and pulled it off.

1:54 pm Rodriguez says she is more physical than mental, says she loved being on set because she got to geek out on set.

1:55 pm Moritz says he loves realism of seeing how people would protect us against alien invasion.

1:57pm "We made a war movie with aliens in it, and nothing could have been better for me. I've always wanted to make a war movie," Eckhart says.

1:58 pm Moritz says they got influence from James Cameron's functionality, made sure the aliens have a function and work, have tactics and ranks, could work in real world.

1:59 pm "I have a tendency to gravitate towards physical things at the moment. It's just where I am in life now," says Rodriguez.

2:00 pm She says she feels like there's a lack of understanding between femininity and masculinity.

2:01 pm One fan calls her Ana Lucia, which was an awesome "Lost" shout out. She seemed to dig the reference.

2:02 pm "I have to say, the exploitation film genre is something I was just introduced to," Rodriguez says, referencing her upcoming "Machete." "It does turn me on. I like it. It's hot."

2:03 pm "I am a real big fan of all nations coming together in one film – different characters come together in one film for the sake of one thing," she says.