'Haunted Mansion' For Guillermo Del Toro! 'Tron Legacy' Is Awesome! Johnny Depp Pimps 'Pirates'! Disney Panel Report!!

11:15 am While people are shifting out for "Megamind," people are settling in for the big "Tron Legacy" panel. It's definitely one of the biggest panels of the Con, and I've heard whispers that there's going to be an exciting reveal at the end.

11:21 am And here we go! The screams are much louder in here than for "Megamind." Sorry, Will Ferrell.

11:22 am Here comes Patton Oswalt, the nerd love of my life.

11:23 am Oswalt teases that they're going to keep showing five minutes of "Tron Legacy" for the next 20 years so everyone can see the whole movie.

11:24 am And Disney is making him plug all the various ways they're trying to get "Tron Legacy" on social networking sites.

11:25 am Oswalt asks people to raise their hands if they saw the original "Tron" in theaters in 1982. Quite a few people raised their hands, unsurprisingly.

11:25 am Disney put together showing all the various shout outs to "Tron" in pop culture. Tina Fey would have appreciated the "30 Rock" shoutout.

11:27 am Apparently there was a "Tron on Ice" show? People responded much better to the video of Daft Punk at the 2009 Grammy's. Oswalt even laughs about the "Tron on Ice." "Why didn't they do that with 'Blade Runner'?"

11:28 am Director Joe Kosinski comes out on stage ("Lanky and lean, every nerd girl's dream," Oswalt narrates) along with producer Sean Bailey, original creator Steven Lisberger ("the smartest hobbit in the Shire"), and stars Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges!

11:31 am Kosinski talks about his first experience with "Tron," and how creating the next chapter was a daunting challenge. He wanted to show a story that couldn't be told until today. Also, it's "a true 3-D movie. No conversion here in this film," he says.

11:32 am Bridges will play two roles, Kevin Flynn and his avatar, Clu. Clu will remain the same age as when he was created, which seems like a challenge to do. But Kosinski says there will be a battle between the two of them in the film.

11:35 am "It was pretty wild, pretty psychedelic," Bridges says about playing both roles. "You can play yourself at any age, whether its an old man or an infant, to be in this groundbreaking movie where the idea for that has really been born is really an exciting thing." Umm, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" was that movie, right? Bridges says he still hasn't seen the final cut of Clu.

11:38 am Wilde talks about Kora, her character, but won't share what her agenda is. She has been a companion of Flynn's for a while, and is a "fearless warrior."

11:39 am "There's a lot of intensive training that went into this. I think I started the first week of January, and we didn't start filming until April 6," Hedlund says about the physicality of the film.

11:40 am "Michael Sheen, you're British, you're adorable, you flew here on a magic teapot and you're sleeping under a dandelion somewhere in the city," Oswalt says to introduce Sheen. Couldn't agree more!

11:41 am "It's actually a 4-D film, because he brigs an extra dimension of awesomeness to the film," Sheen says.

11:45 am Oswalt talks about the change in technology from "Tron" to now, and Boxleitner says he felt he was there at the groundbreaking of all this. "I feel like the pioneer of it all," he says.

11:46 am Steven Lisberger, the man behind the magic, says that "Tron Legacy" feels like the first film people, no matter how good it gets, it never feels like it will be good enough.

11:47 am Kosinski brought eight minutes of the film, to be shown in 3-D. This is why we're here, everyone.

11:48 am Starts with Sam being picked up by a Recognizer. It flies through the city, which is much more realized than the first film was by a long shot. The scale of the film feels very epic, and even those who have seen the first will feel like they're discovering the world fresh.

11:50 am The chick with the white hair decked out in a white bodysuit from the trailer is actually one in a set of four, who take away Sam's real-world clothes and he gets dressed in a bodysuit, which involves some pretty sweet CGI. The voices of the programs are different than Sam and his father's, and sound very -- for lack of a better word -- computer-y.

11:51 am "What am I supposed to do?" Sam asks her. "Survive," she answers.

11:52 am Sam is brought into a giant auditorium for games, with a crowd, as well. Sheen's character is shown, all in white like the girls, and seems to be in charge of the games.

11:54 am There's a montage of the games, all of which looks amazing. There's a quick flash of Wilde which is different than whats in the trailers, and then we see the 35-year-old Clu teased earlier in the panel! It's very, very surreal.

11:56 am End of footage.

11:57 am Technicians from Skywalker Sound are recording the screams of the audience to use as the sound of the crowd in the final cut of the film! Since "Tron Legacy" has been such a Comic-Con-friendly film from the start, this is an awesome opportunity for the fans to feel like they've been a part of it.

11:59 am They're having us shout "Disk Wars," "Rinzler" and "Derez," as well as having everyone stomp. The talent look like they're enjoying this immensely.

12:02 pm They closed that with a picture of the Tron Youtube guy. Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff.

12:03 pm Kosinski offers to show the audience the new "Tron Legacy" trailer, but then says he won't. Someone in the audience shouts derez, to much laughter.

12:03 pm But we actually will be shown the new trailer.

12:03 pm Fan question time!

12:04 pm Kosinski talks about choosing Daft Punk, they've been working on the score for three years, says he and Bailey met the band over pancakes to fit with the disc theme.

12:05 pm A fan asks Bridges about the father/son relationship between Kevin and Sam, and says he's going to leave it mysterious, which the audience applauds.

12:07 pm "The story came true, and very often I would look at what is going on in the world and say, this is just like the movie we made," Lisberger says. "I want to thank all the fans for holding on all these years."

12:07 pm Bridges says he looked at "Tron Legacy" as a modern myth, and that we need modern myths.

12:10 pm He adds that, for the first movie, they lined the set with arcade games, which was in his words very distracting.

12:11 pm "I was attracted to this one for the same reason I was to the first one. It appealed to the kid in me," Bridges says.

12:12 pm Two male twins ask Wilde if, now that she starred in a film about video games, does she have a newfound appreciation for guys who play video games? Of course, she says yes, while Oswalt teases her and says he can answer this one for her. "You guys know this world a lot better than I do, and I'm just honored to be a part of it," she says.

12:15 pm A fan asks how they came up with the name of "Tron Legacy," and Bailey says the team set a standard in 1982 of how they pushed the envelope, so this team was continuing to push that to the next level, and were creating a philosophical legacy, as well as the obvious legacy in the film.

12:16 pm Bailey teases that we can see the original version of "Tron" in "some pretty exciting formats" coming soon. 3-D conversion perhaps?!

12:17 pm Bridges says "Tron Legacy" will stand on its own, and isn't really a remake.

12:17 pm Here comes the new trailer!

12:18 pm Starts when Sam is young, with Kevin telling him the tale of "Tron." He apparently disappears later that night.

12:19 pm A lot of the footage is from the first trailer and the eight minute footage shown. Wilde's character seems to be there to help Sam get to his father, who is trapped in the digital world again.

12:21 pm Could it be? The feel I got from the footage is that Clu has become corrupt, like the MCP, and is the villain of the film, and it's up to Kevin Flynn and Sam to stop him. If that's the case, the battle between Clu and Kevin is going to be amazing.

12:22 pm Here comes that surprise we were talking about!

12:23 pm And here's Captain Jack Sparrow! In 3-D! He cheers the audience with a bottle of rum and promises "zombies, cutthroats, mermaids and Penelope Cruz" on his journey to find the Fountain of Youth in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." It's due out May 20, 2011.

12:24 pm And then Oswalt reveals a "The Haunted Mansion" remake... directed by Guillermo del Toro!!

12:25 pm "To me the haunted mansion is the most precious real estate on earth," says del Toro, who says he's been there every year since he was 3 years old. "This is a place where I go to when I need to think or I need to relax."

12:27 pm It will be a horror film, live action in 3-D. "We're making the haunted mansion the most haunted place on earth."

12:28 pm In staying true to original vision, they're "not returning Eddie Murphy's calls." "We are not making it a comedy. We are making it scary and fun at the same time, but the scary will be scary," del Toro promises.

12:32 pm They are reintroducing the Hatbox Ghost as the villain.

12:34 pm "This to me is a dream come true and I hope to steal as many props as possible," he says.

12:35 pm End of the Disney panel. Next up, "Salt" and "Battle: Los Angeles!"