San Diego Comic-Con 2010: 'Megamind' Panel Report

10:00am People are settling in, Hall H is filling for the first time of Comic-Con 2010.

10:08am Still waiting for the panel to start, looks like they're trying to cram as many people in as possible. The 3-D glasses they gave us when we entered bode well, though. It seems like a lot of studios are looking to follow "Avatar"'s success with them last year.

10:14am All right, we're getting this show on the road. Moderator is shouting out all the people who camped out overnight.

10:15am False alarm, Either we're going to have a very short "Megamind" panel, or the rest of the day is going to be very delayed.

10:17am Eddie Ibrahim welcomes us to Hall H, giving a shoutout to RealD 3-D. Glasses on!

10:18am RealD 3-D just gave a pretty cool advertisement in 3-D. Nice but... time for the panel to start.

10:20am HitFix's Drew McWeeny is moderating the Dreamworks panel, walks out on to the stage.

10:20am Director Tom McGrath comes out on the stage to tell us about the movie.

10:21am "For Dreamworks, its our first superhero movie, and we get to bring it to Comic-Con which is really fun," McGrath says.

10:21am "Comic Con! Comic-CON! I brought breakfast." Will Ferrell walks out on stage in full Megamind costume with three donuts and a jug of orange juice.

10:22am Tina Fey comes on stage. "What's up Comic-Con! I brought breakfast for everyone! i have seven select mini donuts, this is the official donut of 7/11." Clearly they missed the fact that are 6,500 people in Hall H.

10:24am Jonah Hill comes out in typical grey blazer and jeans. "Will, you look great," Hill says about Ferrell's outfit. "Thanks, I thought we were all supposed to dress up," Ferrell says. "I feel a little like a turd up here." "It's one of those situations where you feel uncomfortable for the person you're looking at," says Hill. Who's kidding who, Ferrell's outfit is awesome.

10:25am Roll the footage, 5 minutes from the film in 3-D.

10:26am The footage starts out with stuff shown in trailers of the showdown at the city plaza, but... surprise! Megamind actually ends up apparently beating MetroMan. Tagline "What happens if the bad guy won?"

10:26am "What's the plan sir?" asks David Cross's character. "I have no idea!" replies Megamind.

10:27am There's a "No You Can't" Obama-campaign inspired poster, hilarious!

10:27am Another twist, it looks like Jonah Hill's plump cameraman becomes the new good guy to replace MetroMan, his character is shown later in the footage as very in shape and butch. The footage implies that maybe Megamind changed his ways and helped create Jonah as the new good guy, without his knowledge?

10:28am The footage ends, and looks great. The 3-D, at least at Comic-Con, looks really well done.

10:29am Brad Pitt did show up... as a cardboard cutout. Very funny stuff.

10:32am Hill can't talk too much about his character specifically... "There's a twist with my character in this movie," he teases. Didn't we figure it out already?

10:34am Fey says says Betty White is her nemesis and one day she will fight her in a glorious blaze, and Whitewill win.

10:35am Mel Gibson's girlfriend is Hill's nemesis. "I just want to come out officially and support Mel." Punches Brad Pitt cutout and walks off stage.

10:35am Ferrell's nemesis? "Oddly enough, my nemesis is Charlize Theron and I don't want to get into it but, there's a lot of bad blood there."

10:36am Hill comes back said he just read what Gibson actually said and takes what he said back. "I feel guilty, I only support a quarter of the things he said on those tapes."

10:39am Hill says he likes doing animated films to add variety to all his R-rated movies.

10:40am "I love other actors, but I hate being in the same room with them, so this was a great way for me to not talk to them," Fey jokes about her experience.

10:40am Ferrell says this isn't his first villain because he played Mugatu in "Zoolander," though he said this is the first time a bad guy really turns into a good guy. Didn't he see "Despicable Me"?

10:41am Time for crowd questions!

10:43am Fan asks if blue characters are here to stay, and Ferrell answers, "I hope so."

10:45am Hill said that his favorite acting moment was during the sleeping bag scene in "Superbad" because, he claims, Michael Cera was masturbating the whole time.

10:46am Fey's was on an episode of "30 Rock" when they got Carrie Fisher to say, "Help me Liz Lemon, you're my only hope."

10:46am McGrath on 3-D: "It's past the stage when it's only about pointy sticks."

10:49am Hill's parting remarks: "I'm officially announcing it right now, I'm playing the Hulk in' The Avengers' movie. It's really why I flew out here."

10:51am Panel is over, stay tuned for "Tron Legacy!"