EXCLUSIVE: 'Let Me In' San Diego Comic-Con Poster And A Few Words From Director Matt Reeves

I've got a cool image to share with you today. MTV managed to exclusively obtain a copy of the image promoting Matt Reeves' "Let the Right One In" remake, "Let Me In," which can be seen at the Dark Horse Comics booth at San Diego Comic-Con. If the movie's own street cred as a "Let the Right One In" remake isn't enough, know too that it is being produced by legendary horror label Hammer Films. The image reveal is all part of our larger effort to bring the highlights of SDCC straight into the homes of those among us who aren't fortunate enough to be enjoying the festivities in Southern California this week.

I've also got another treat for you, some words from Reeves himself about what we might expect to learn from Saturday's "Let Me In" panel. Not much of the movie has been shown so far and there are a lot of questions out there about how this Americanized remake will compare to/diverge from the Swedish original. Check it all out after the jump!

Reeves promises that fans will be pleased after the panel & presentation that he and Overture Films have planned for Comic-Con. The plan is to finally give everyone an idea of what to expect from this remake. "There's been so much speculation," he said, "and it's a chance for us to introduce the cast and to show parts of the film to the fans. I'm really excited about it." As far as exactly what you'll be seeing: "We're gonna show some clips... some representative pieces of the movie just so you can get kind of a sense of the tone and what we've done."

Reeves then went on to tell me how he first came to "Let the Right One In" and the idea of remaking it. Overture had been pursuing the rights to the Swedish original, which is itself based on a book by John Ajvide Lindqvist, and they passed along the film to Reeves, who knew nothing about it at the time.

"I was blown away," he said of seeing the film for the first time. "I guess what excites me about the story, from the first time I saw it to when I read Lindqvist's book, is the way he was able to take the trappings of a genre vampire story and essentially smuggle in this coming of age love story. So it's one of the things I particularly responded to. I love the relationship [between Oskar and Eli]."

As much as he appreciates the story, Reeves has a very clear idea of how he sees "Let Me In" standing apart from its inspiration. "I hope in what we've done that there's a sense of suspense and dread. I don't know if that will feel different [from the original, but it's something] I'm really anxious to see."

One interesting fact Reeves shared is that he actually wrote Lindqvist a letter after seeing the film and reading the book, but before getting started on the remake. "He had done this thing about pre-adolescence, the pain of pre-adolescence/adolescence, [the] juxtaposition and confusion about being on the cusp of entering your teen years and looking at the world of adults around you. The whole idea of [Oskar] not understanding how to deal with his feelings of helplessness and rage, the idea of growing up and being bullied. All of that stuff I totally related to. So I wrote to him because all that stuff got under my skin, especially after I read the novel."

"I said, 'I am really drawn to this story, and I want to tell you that I'm thinking of doing this remake. I want to let you know that I'm drawn to it not only because it's a really brilliant genre story, which it is, but also because it resonates so much with me personally and my growing up,'" Reeves explained. The response he got from the author was, as the director put it, nothing less than "gracious."

"He said, 'I saw Cloverfield and I really liked Cloverfield because it was a very fresh spin on a very old, tried and true story, and that's really what I was trying to do with [my book]. But I'm actually even more excited now [hearing from you] because it's actually the story of my childhood, this book. It's a semi-autobiography, minus the vampires.' And so for exactly the reason I had connected to [the story], it was clearly the motivation in his writing it, so he was incredibly gracious. I was very excited."

We'll have more from Reeves this weekend, to coincide with the Saturday "Let Me In" panel. For now, scroll down to enjoy this exclusive image straight from the show floor at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con!