San Diego Comic-Con Kicks Off Today, And We Want Your Questions!

It's safe to say that MTV News is hitting San Diego Comic-Con this year in a BIG way. We've got panel coverage. Interviews. Exclusives. Three livestreams, each an hour long. We'll be at the parties, on the show floor, checking out toys and comics and clips and trailers. Best of all, we want to get you, the readers, involved.

In short, send us your questions. We're talking to a ton of folks. Just about every one of the big ticket players in attendance. Our reporters on the scene will have plenty to talk about, but with so many interviews to keep straight, you're bound to think of stuff that we've forgotten. So if you've got questions for anyone listed in last night's press release, tweet them @joshuahorowitz (your best bet) or, if you don't have the Twitter, send them to us at And of course, stay tuned to MTV Movies Blog, MTV Splash Page and Hollywood Crush all this week and through the weekend for the latest breaking news coming out of San Diego.