Zac Efron Has A Few Scenes In 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars,' Praises Seth Green's 'Genius'

The "Star Wars"-loving world was shocked last week by the news that Zac Efron will be lending his voice to the upcoming third volume of "Robot Chicken: Star Wars," which is set to air in December. Efron will be voicing Anakin Skywalker, the young Jedi Knight who fathers Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Also, he becomes this little-known warlord named Darth Vader. Here's Efron describing his role in the coming special episode of the Seth Green/Matthew Senreich-created series.

"It was a few scenes. I don't know... I'm not exactly sure... it's really Seth's, it's his sort of brainchild, so... he's at the reins," Efron said. "He's the most creative, funny dude you've ever met. You kind of just go in and surrender to what he wants you to do."

Unfortunately, Efron wouldn't reveal much in the way of details, beyond the few scenes he contributes to. We know that the special will run through the story of "Star Wars" in a linear fashion, as opposed to the sketch show vibe of the previous two specials. What Efron did have was plenty of praise for Green.

"He's really collaborative and great at giving notes. It's just fun man, it's just so fun going in there for an hour with the guy, because he's a genius," he said. "It's good. You should be looking forward to it. They're taking it to the next level."