Christina Applegate Feels Let Down That 'Anchorman' Sequel And Musical Won't Happen

Just like all of us here at Movies Blog, the "Anchorman" cast is bummed out by the news

that Paramount passed on making a sequel. When MTV caught up with Christina Applegate recently, Ms. Veronica Corningstone herself, she revealed her continued sadness at not having the opportunity to revisit her beloved character.

"We're all really sad that... at the moment, it looks like we're not doing it," Applegate said at VH1's Do Something Awards Monday.

"Everybody was on board. Every time I would see Steve Carell at an event for the last year and a half, he'd run up to me and be like, 'We're doing it! Oh my god we're doing it. Have you heard the new story behind it?' and all of us were so excited," she said. "It was kind of a bummer when we heard that Paramount didn't want to pursue it right now, it just doesn't make sense to me."

Applegate was especially interested in the idea of doing "Anchorman 2" as a musical. "I was on Broadway!" Applegate said regarding her useful singing skills. "We could have done some great stuff."