ENTOURAGE: Episode 81, 'Dramedy' Recap

EntourageEpisode Title: "Dramedy"

Written By: Doug Ellin

Story: Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) continues his quest to find a new television project, but he might want to consider changing his nickname to something more fitting first. Ari (Jeremy Piven) is forced to confront the possibility of losing Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) at his wife's urging. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has some work issues of his own to deal with, while Eric (Kevin Connolly) watches as Vince (Adrien Grenier) cozies up to rival agent Scott (Scott Caan).

Drama Gets Funny: We've been laughing at him for years, and now it seems that Drama is getting the picture by turning towards a sitcom for his next project. Although he considers himself a dramatic actor, how can the elder Chase brother turn down the opportunity to star opposite John Stamos? And how can "Entourage" fans resist the prospect of seeing a "Full House" reunion by way of Stamos and Bob Saget? That's what we're looking at when the next episode rolls around, so it's safe to say that at least one "Entourage" plot line is in good shape.

Drama's potential good fortune is tempered with some bad business for Ari and Turtle, as the Hollywood powerhouse lost one of his most talented agents in the form of Lizzie Grant and Turtle's funding for his car service business fell completely through. This is "Entourage," of course, so both of these guys will rebound before too much longer. But it's going to be fun watching them try to clean the egg off their faces.

Meanwhile, Vince is enjoying some new possibilities by way of Scott Lavin, Eric's premiere rival. It's a tough thing on the audience — we're fans of E, but the dynamic between Scott and Vinnie is fun to watch. Even more fun is watching the rivalry between Scott and Eric grow into something a bit fiercer, leading to the episode's hilarious push-comes-to-shove moment. ("Is that my hat, bro?" Another classic Drama zinger.)

It looks like the Vince-Eric-Scott work triangle is the story to watch this season. Let's see how it continues to play out.

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