'Arrested Development' Creator Mitch Hurwitz Confirms Work On The Movie's Script 'Started'

Ever since the show was unceremoniously canceled, rumors have circulated that "Arrested Development" would be resurrected via a big-screen adaptation. GQ Magazine spoke to Will Arnett and creator Mitch Hurwitz about their upcoming new series "Running Wilde," and they both went on the record with the official confirmation that you've all been waiting for: the "Arrested Development" movie is a "go."

"Yes, it's happening," Arnett told the magazine, adding that there is an unfinished script and that all the principle cast members have signed on. Many of the series stars have said as much at one point or another. The strongest confirmation came from series creator Hurwitz himself.

"Believe it or not, we have started the script," he said, with we referring to himself and "Arrested" co-executive producer Jim Vallely. "We're taking a little abeyance while we get ['Running Wilde'] up and running. But it is our absolute next priority and we can't wait to do it."

This news is all well and good, but since there is no timeline or production schedule as of yet, we could be waiting for awhile before the Bluths finally make it to the big screen. "As Mitch likes to say," Arnett said, "we're just going to wait until there's zero interest, and that's when we'll do it."

Hurwitz revealed that they're changing a few political references, from President Bush to President Obama, for example, "because we started it awhile ago. And the Bluths may not be vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico anymore. We also might have to recast the part of Uncle Mel, the former action movie star. But other than that we have a clear path."

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