Paris Hilton Discovers A Funny Thing About 'The Hangover' In Today's Daily TwitPic

Today's Daily TwitPic is all about the time-honored tradition of changing a movie's title for foreign markets to better appeal to audiences there. There are some great ones. In France, "Jaws 2" is called "Teeth of the Sea 2." Sam Raimi's third entry in the "Evil Dead" trilogy, "Army of Darkness," is called "Captain Supermarket" in Japan. Perhaps best of all, the Hong Kong release of "As Good As It Gets" was given the rather bizarre moniker of "Mr. Cat Poop." (It sells the movie so much better, don't you think?)

And so we come to Paris Hilton. The celebutante has been spending some time in France. Apparently some of that time has been spent browsing through the shelves of a DVD store or two. It's there that she discovered the English-to-French-back-to-English translation of Todd Phillips' summer 2009 hit, "The Hangover." To find out though, you're going to have to hit the jump. What are some of your favorite translated movie titles?

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