The 'Fast Five' Cast And Their Many Large Guns Revealed In Today's Daily TwitPic

For the second time this week, Tyrese Gibson earns Daily TwitPic honors. On Tuesday you got a look at his "Transformers 3" costume, complete with nasty-looking machine gun. Today you get Tyrese hanging with some of his fellow "Fast Five" cast members, including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the recently confirmed Ludacris. This time, the lot of them are toting firearms.

Absent is Dwayne Johnson, who confirmed to us last month that he'll be in the movie. Given his role though, it's no surprise that he's not pictured. Johnson will play "a really unique U.S. Marshal who is hired to hunt and track down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker." He's a former bounty hunter and he's got his own team of colorful mercs to back him up. The only question I have is... where did all of those slick custom cars go?

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