EXCLUSIVE: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Production Delayed, Says Tom Hardy

Rising star Tom Hardy dropped a bit of surprising news upon us at the L.A. "Inception" premiere Tuesday night. The new Mad Max says that production on the anticipated "Mad Max" reboot, "Fury Road," has been pushed back.

"[We've] stopped," Hardy said when asked about the film's progress. "They pushed it back a little bit so I'm not up against it at the moment, so I've lost some weight, that's it."

Hardy seemed hopeful that the film will be back on track shortly, and added a few kind words about his co-star, Charlize Theron. "She's amazing," he said. "Snap, she's amazing. That woman is incredible." An amusing choice of words; Theron herself said the same about Hardy in a recent interview.

Hardy also added that he won't be bulking-up for the role. "I think I have to 'shred,' they call it." In other words, he'll still have to be ripped.

When MTV caught up with Hardy last month, he couldn't really reveal major details, but assured fans that Miller wants the story to be "much more close to the human story of the man as opposed to something which is going to be a shocking movie without any substance."

MTV has reached out to "Fury Road" distributor Warner Bros. for comment, so stayed tuned for additional updates.

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