Sam Worthington Offers Some Hints About The Coming Theatrical Re-Release Of 'Avatar'

Poor "Avatar." It might be the top-grossing film of all time, but it got short-changed during its theatrical run thanks to a deal that Disney already had in place for "Alice in Wonderland" to take over the bulk of 3-D theaters upon its release.

Don't feel too bad for James Cameron though. For starters, there's the whole "top-grossing film of all time" thing. What's more, the fans are going to benefit from the shortened theatrical run "Avatar" had. A release date was confirmed only last week for the movie's second outing in theaters (August 27), along with RE-confirmation that new footage will be added (approximately 8 minutes).

What will this new material consist of? We're not sure exactly. Neither is star Sam Worthington, though he's one of the few who is actually in a position to guess at what might be there. And guess he did when MTV spoke to him last week at Radical Studios, where he was on hand to talk about an upcoming Full Clip Productions comic book.

"I think he's got another eight hours of footage to be honest with you, so I'll be surprised to see what the eight minutes is," he said with a laugh. It wasn't all jokes however; Worthington admits there are a few likely contender scenes for inclusion in a re-released theatrical cut of the film.

"There are several different hunts that the characters go on, there's a sex scene that everyone keeps talking about that is going to be unique. There's a lot of other stuff to do with the Na'vi. And there is also a lot of other live action stuff that got taken out as well because of time constraints and at the time not knowing if the movie was going to be successful or not."

So nothing terribly new or surprising learned here. I'm curious to see what got added in though, as I'm inclined to think that Worthington's joking "eight hours of footage" comment was at least half-serious. Cameron has previously given some pretty good hints about what we can expect from the added footage, but I've no doubt there's plenty more beyond the eight minutes. That's what multiple home video releases are for, right?