Angelina Jolie Update! Where Are 'Maleficent,' 'Cleopatra,' Kay Scarpetta And 'Serena'?

Angelina Jolie is very much in demand. That's not exactly the most astute observation -- I think even my dog realizes what's up -- but it's true nonetheless. Rumored and in-development projects for her pop up every couple of months, if not more frequently. With "Salt" out next Friday, MTV's Josh Horowitz got an opportunity to ask Jolie directly what's up with some of her coming, or presumed to be coming, gigs.


"Maleficent" is a live-action feature focusing on the titular sorceress who serves as the antagonist in the Disney classic, "Sleeping Beauty." Like "Wicked" did for the villainous "Wizard of Oz" witch, this movie will approach the classic fairy tale from a new perspective.

Says Jolie: "I would love to. It's all new and being discussed, but I loved her when I was a little girl, she was my favorite. ... And Tim [Burton]... the chance to work with him would just be extraordinary."

Cleopatra biopic

The news broke last month that Jolie was in some way involved with the development of a biopic focused on the life of Cleopatra, the last Egyptian pharaoh. It sounded at the time like something that's still in its early stages; Jolie confirmed it.

Says Jolie: "I think if we can get the story right and do the real story-- there's a lot about her that's not been covered yet. So if we can do something original, we will." She further confirmed that there is no director attached just yet.

Kay Scarpetta adaptation

Kay Scarpetta is the main character in a series of mystery novels from author Patricia Cornwell. Jolie has long been associated with a planned film adaptation, though the direction such an adaptation would go in -- follow the books? forge a brand new storyline? -- has remained a mystery.

Says Jolie: "I think they're possibly..." she pauses, working out what to say. "They're... writing a script, in development, it's all very in development."


Back in March we heard that Jolie was talking to filmmaker Darren Aronofsky about adapting "Serena: A Novel" by Ron Rash for the big screen. There have been no further reported developments since then.

Says Jolie: "We've talked about it and I'd love to work with Darren one day. So if it's not that it'll be something else. But... he's one of my favorites."