ENTOURAGE: Episode 80, 'Buzzed' Recap

EntourageEpisode Title: "Buzzed"

Written By: Ally Musika

Story: Vince (Adrien Grenier) finds himself in a middle of a public relations problem over his recent Nick Cassavetes-directed action flick, but it's not the problem that everyone thinks. Eric (Kevin Connolly) helps Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) on his quest to find a new script, while Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has a bone to pick with Alex (Dania Ramirez), his recently released employee. Meanwhile, Ari (Jeremy Piven) meets up with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other NFL officials with a major football pitch.

Studio Notes: The season is starting to take a turn. Thanks to his recently reclaimed success, Vince finds himself falling in a common Hollywood trap — boredom. It's a dangerous thing, especially when it leads him to dramatically chopping off his signature lengthy locks and offhandedly badmouthing his current movie project. Clearly, Vince needs something to do, and his friends are too caught up in their own problems to give him the attention he craves.

Luckily, Vince meets a new pal in the form of Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), Eric's biggest rival at the talent management company. Caan's an immensely watchable actor and his rivalry with E has been a highlight of the past several episodes of "Entourage," so seeing him shoehorn his way into the friendship between Vinnie and E is definitely a step in the right direction.

Another excellent development? The possibility of Ari getting in bed with the NFL, possibly even as the head of a new Los Angeles franchise. Already the king of Hollywood, Ari's first steps into the sports arena could be an incredibly compelling and fresh new venture for "Entourage" going forward. It'll also be interesting to see his relationship with Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) progress. Lizzie proved invaluable during the NFL meeting, but Ari's wife (Perry Reeves) is clearly not a fan of the young agent due to her perceived man-eater status. For all of his flaws, Ari is famously faithful to his wife — but could Lizzie be the one who finally breaks him?

One plot I'm still not sold on is Turtle's tumultuous relationship with Alex, his former employee. They haven't quite sealed the deal yet, but clearly Turtle and Alex are headed towards something heated. The major flaw with Turtle is that the writers never seem to find a worthy plotline for him outside of some sort of romantic path, and with the end of his relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler still fresh in viewers' minds, it feels a little too soon to give him a new love interest. I think Turtle would be better off focusing on his new business venture, but that's just me.

Overall, a pretty solid episode with interesting implications for the season's future. Plus, there was a Bob Saget cameo, and you can never go wrong with a Bob Saget cameo.

Next Picture: Vince and Scott's friendship continues to grow, Eric gets increasingly jealous, Drama takes a meeting, Turtle's relationship with Alex escalates and Ari is forced to consider letting go of Lizzie to appease his wife.

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