'Predators' Might Not Make Sense, But Does That Really Matter?

PredatorsSecond only to "Inception," producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's "Predators" is at the very top of movies I've anxiously awaited all year long. Heck, it feels like I've been waiting for "Predators" for considerably longer than a year. Regardless, the Adrien Brody-starring reboot hits theaters today, with many reviews praising the film as a worthy successor to the original "Predator" thanks to its fast pace and healthy heaping of violence. What it doesn't do, according to MTV's very own Kurt Loder, is make any sense.

"'Predators' is a B movie that knows its job, and does it. Which means, among other things, that making sense is not on its to-do list," Loder writes in his review of the film. Though sense might be in short supply, Loder acknowledges that this isn't necessarily a problem. "The movie remains boldly nonsensical throughout — would we have it any other way?"

As long as there's plenty of action, memorable characters and pulse-pounding adrenaline throughout, "Predators" is going to be a success in my book, sense be damned. Check out Loder's full review on MTV.com for yourself, and if you've seen "Predators," let us know what you thought of it in the comments section!