Just Like 'Predators,' Fans Waited Decades To See These Sequels!

With today's release of the highly anticipated "Predators," fans of the human-hunting aliens finally get to sit back and enjoy a full-length feature film showcasing the technologically advanced stalkers doing what they do best — and it only took twenty years to get here.

Not counting the two "Aliens vs Predators" films, "Predators" marks the end of a two decade wait for fans since the series' last installment. That's right, the Danny Glover starring "Predator 2" first hit theaters in 1990 — makes you feel old, doesn't it? Well, worry not, because we're about to make you feel even older.

"Predators" may be the most recent film decades removed from its franchise's previous installment, but it certainly isn't the first and it definitely won't be the last. Hit the jump to check out five other examples of sequels that were decades in the making!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983) to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Granted, fans never really felt a complete lack of Star Wars presence after the final yub-yubs of "Return of the Jedi," what with the toys, video games, comic books and Ewok Christmas Special. [Editor's Note: We don't talk about the Ewok Christmas Special.] But those fans clamoring for a big screen film waited 16 years before George Lucas decided the time was right. "The Phantom Menace" was one of the most highly anticipated films of all time and its release sent fans into a frenzy. Unfortunately, it also taught many veteran "Star Wars" fans a valuable lesson in regards to wishes and getting them.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) to Superman Returns (2006)

Plagued with delay after delay and a possible Nicholas Caging, fans of the Man of Steel lived a life of quiet hopefulness until director Bryan Singer decided to take the Last Son of Krypton out of developmental hell and up, up and away onto the big screen. While the film received good critical reviews, it didn't perform well enough at the box office. So once again, Super-fans retreat to the Fortress of Solitude — hopefully not for another 19 years this time, thanks to Christopher Nolan.

The Lost Boys (1987) to Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008)

I love "The Lost Boys." I must have watched that movie at least a million times while growing up, much to the chagrin of my parents who wanted to watch anything else at that point. Even today, it ranks as one of my favorite vampire films of all time. I never anticipated a sequel, but when I heard about, I nearly lost my mind in excitement. Then I watched the movie, and, well, Corey Feldman was the best part. Take that as you will.

Tron (1982) to Tron: Legacy (2010)

Nothing previously on this list holds a candle to the amount of time "Tron" waited for a sequel, which is nearly 30 years for those who don't want to do the math. The best part is that "Tron Legacy" actually looks phenomenally awesome. The original film became a cult classic over time, but now its sequel is bringing in a whole new legion of fans. Now that's a legacy.

Wall Street (1987) to Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Someone out there was waiting for this, even if it was Michael Douglas himself — and because of the film's delay from April to September 2010, those fans are still waiting. But here's a fun fact: when the original "Wall Street" came out, "Money Never Sleeps" star Shia LaBeouf was just taking his first baby steps. Told'ja you'd feel old!

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