'Avatar' Returns To Theaters With New Scenes, But What Are We Going To See?

AvatarYou thought you'd escaped the clutches of Pandora, but you were wrong — "Avatar" is coming back.

Director James Cameron's record-breaking, eye-popping, action-packed 3-D adventure flick is headed back to theaters on August 27 for a limited engagement exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. But that's not all — according to Cameron, the re-released film will include eight minutes of never-before-seen footage, elaborating on the "Avatar" mythos with "new creatures and action scenes." That's one way to make up for the lack of bonus content on the initial DVD and Blu-ray release, I suppose!

As an "Avatar" junkie, I would have seen the rerelease regardless of extra features, but the eight extra minutes seals the deal. So, what exactly are fans in store for when it comes to the never-before-seen "Avatar" footage? It's hard to say at this point — but after the jump, we've listed some guesses!

Brotherly Love

Although Jake Sully ended up in the Avatar program, it was supposed to be his scientist twin brother Tommy manning the artificially built Na'vi. Tommy's death was a catalyst for getting Jake into the movie, but very little time was spent on Jake mourning the loss of his brother — which was one of very few complaints I had with "Avatar" in the end. Now, with eight minutes of extra footage, perhaps this unattended subplot could get some more leg room.

Panthers From Hell

The first great action sequence of "Avatar" comes in the form of Jake's escape from the Thanator, described by Cameron as "the panther from Hell." The sequence goes on for a while, but there's certainly no harm in stretching it out a little bit longer, is there? As the first action scene of the movie, giving fans a little extra dose of awesome right up front would be a great way to bring people back into the world of Pandora.

Water World

After Jake escapes from the Thanator's clutches, he dives straight down into the waters of Pandora. While we're invited to spend plenty of time on land and in the air, very little of "Avatar" delves into the ocean depths — which is somewhat surprising, given Cameron's underwater expertise. As the additional footage promises more creatures, perhaps we'll enjoy a more detailed look at Pandora's marine biology.

Taming Toruk

Jake's mastery over the Toruk was a great boon for the film's final battle sequence, but come on — didn't he capture this legendary winged creature a little too easily? With eight extra minutes, one would hope that Cameron gives us a better glimpse at how Jake was able to become the latest Toruk Makto.

Norm's Journey

As one of the few surviving members of the Avatar program, Dr. Norm Spellman's jaunt through the jungle during the final battle felt a little… well, anticlimactic. It definitely felt like some material from his final scenes were left on the editing room floor. Who knows, perhaps he contributed to the victory in some supremely stealthy badass way? Maybe we'll find out when "Avatar" hits theaters next month!

Tell us what you would like to see from the re-release's eight minutes of additional footage in the comments and on Twitter!